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University of Dubrovnik commitment

11.07.2011, 14:30:35
The University of Dubrovnik, recognizing itself in the inspiring principles of these important developments adopted Charter & Code on 3rd May 2010. Together with other Croatian universities and research institutions, signed a declaration commitment for the implementation of a Human Resources Strategy for The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. After presentations of HR Strategy principles done by Prof. Branko Glamuzina, Vice Rector for Science and Technology to all major stakeholders at University of Dubrovnik (including heads of departments and institutes, older and early career scientists and novices and assistants), the Internal analysis were firstly made at the levels of departments and chosen researchers groups. These specific internal analyses were presented at Workshop on 15th of December, when all prepared analyses were discussed and unified in one document. This document was analyzed at Rectorate meeting on 21st of December, 2010 and accepted with several remarks. At the meeting, Rector appointed Group for preparation of Action  Plan, composed of department heads and members of Rectorate. The Action Plan was prepared and presented at each Council of university components early in January, revised after discussions and delivered to Senate meeting in late January,2011. It was accepted unanimously by members of Senate and subsequently signed by Rector and posted at www.unidu.hr.