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The Library for Technical and Bio-technical Sciences

18.04.2011, 13:49:53

About the Library

The Library for technical and Bio-technical Sciences was developed from the Higher Maritime School of Dubrovnik, established in 1959. From a very small and modest library, it had grown into a university library, now a part of the University of Dubrovnik, for the use in the academic work, scientific research and professional purposes in the field of technical and bio-technical sciences.
The Library is situated in the main University building, Ć. Carića 4, and it consists of three rooms on approximately 120m2. The library is used by lecturers, assistants and students of technical and bio-technical studies. Limited publications, serial publications, half-publications can be found there. It also holds a collection of regional titles pertaining to the history and development of tourism in Dubrovnik.
Library holdings has significantly increased in the last 10 years, mainly from its own financial sources, and today it consists of: nearly 10.000 monographs; almost 4.000 half - publications: final thesis, projects, masters' thesis, doctoral dissertations; 43 titles of Croatian magazines and 37 titles of foreign magazines; several different Croatian and foreign encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries, atlases, professional manuals from various fields.
In addition, the Library holds a number of textbooks and titles published by the former Polytechnic of Dubrovnik.

Co-operation and networks

With the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport all library users have direct access to the different online databases. The Library successfuly cooperates with the British Library for years now, as well as with the National and University Library in Zagreb, which considerably facilitates and enhances the performance and quality of scientific work.

Library adress and contact:

Ćira Carića 4

20000 Dubrovnik

Phone: ++385 (20) 445 716

E-mail: ana(at)unidu.hr

Opening hours:

Library: Monday to Friday 8.30 - 15.30 h

Reading room: Monday to Friday 8.30 - 20.00 h