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18.04.2011, 11:32:12

Students coming to Dubrovnik will not be disappointed with the quality of meals offered to them in one of five restaurants. These restaurants have signed contracts with the Student Centre and with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. It should be stressed that the quality of meals is high so that it can satisfy the most fastidious tastes.
Students can choose one of the following restaurants: Hotel Ivka “BOKAR”, Od Sv. Mihajla 3; Restaurant “MAESTOSO”-SRĐ”, Obala Stjepana Radića 25; Restaurant “RIVA”, Lapadska obala 20;
Subsidies are available for all full-time and external students. Meal tickets can be bought at one of the restaurants on presentation of the membership card issued by the Student Centre. A student pays 7,00 kuna for a meal, while the subsidy from the Ministry is 12,30 kuna, which brings the cost to 19,30 kuna per meal. A meal ticket entitles a student to a complete three-course meal.
Students resident in Dubrovnik are entitled to 20 – 23 meal tickets per month, (depending on the number of working days for that month), while students who come from outside Dubrovnik are entitled to 60 meal tickets per month.
Documents needed to obtain a student card for meals:
1. Certificate of Citizenship
2. Certificate of Permanent Residence
3. Certificate of enrolment at the University for the current year
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