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Lecturers and Topics


  • Marco Greggi, University  of Ferrara, International taxation trends - general overview

  • David Massey, Tax Adviser, University of Central Lancashire,Global trends in economy, taxation and entrepreneurs' behavior

  • Joseph Edrey, Haifa University, State aid, tax incentives; discrimination and judicial constitutional review

  • Dominic de Cogan, University of Cambridge, The position of the UK tax law in the context of international trends

  • Ivan Čevizović, Croatian Chamber of Tax Advisors, The chalenges of the certified tax advisers in the global market

  • Dražen Nimčević, Deloitte Croatia, Large businesses and large advisers


  • Zoran Stanković, Atlantic Group, Opportunities in taxation - MNC's position and responses

  • Tatjana Ricijaš, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Consolidated financial reports, CBC reporting and CCCTB

  • Hrvoje Arbutina and Jasna Bogovac, University of Zagreb, EU cases on state aid in taxation

  • Hrvoje Šimović, University of Zagreb, Possible developments in tax arena – general issues and challenges for transition countries

  • Tereza Rogić Lugarić, University of Zagreb, Meri Šuman Tolić, University of Dubrovnik and Domagoj Dodig, Croatian Agency for Investments and Competitiveness, Financing of local governments: taxes vs. public-private partnerships