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Human Resources Strategy


The University of Dubrovnik was established in 2003, by merging of higher education (Polytechnic of Dubrovnik and Faculty for Foreign Trade and Tourism) and research (laboratories in Dubrovnik of Institute of oceanography and fisheries, Split-Dubrovnik) institutions. The University is well-known due to its 60 years of marine research, 50-years tradition in higher maritime education and 40 years of higher education in economy and tourism.

University of Dubrovnik commitment

The University of Dubrovnik, recognizing itself in the inspiring principles of these important developments adopted Charter & Code on 3rd May 2010. Together with other Croatian universities and research institutions, signed a declaration commitment for the implementation of a Human Resources Strategy for The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The European Charter for Researchers

The European Commission adopted a recommendation in March 2005 on a‘European Charter for Researchers’ and a 'Code of Conduct' for the recruitment of researchers, which provide a set of general principles and requirements that specify the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers, employers and funders with regard to research careers.