Career Advice Service for Students and Alumni (SPOSS)

Career Advice Service for Students and Alumni was established with the aim to provide support to the current students and to the University’s alumni and alumnae in order to prepare them for the labour market and help them develop their career path.

Career Advice Service offers:

  • Help in writing your curriculum vitae and motivation letter,
  • Help in preparing you for job interviews by offering job interview simulation,
  • Information about employment selection procedures,
  • Discussion about your skills, competences and interests,
  • Preparation of your career plan.

Why is it important to have career development counselling?

  • In order for you to understand the labour market and the needs of employers,
  • So you can develop your presentation skills for a business context,
  • So you can proactively manage your career development,
  • So you can develop your business network.

Student internships and jobs:

The University of Dubrovnik and the Career Advice Service for Students cooperate with a huge number of firms and institutions where students can embark on their career path via the student internship programme.

  • Career Advice Service helps students find a student practice or internship, temporary jobs or employment.
  • We enable employers to have an easy access to students and to be able to select the best human resources for their needs.
  • During your study, you will gain working experience and develop working ethic, gain practical knowledge and skills and be prepared and skilled for your future job.

If you wish to receive notifications of the Career Advice Service for Students, please contact us at:


Daria Vučijević, MEcon
University Campus, Branitelja Dubrovnika 41
Phone: +385 020 445 931

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