Strategy, Mission and Vision


The University of Dubrovnik will base its sustainable long-term development on promoting the highest moral and social standards, improving the existing and launching new top quality study programmes, which are aligned with the needs of the local community and of the Republic of Croatia as well as with the European Union standards. The University will promote excellence in education, life-long learning, scientific, research and artistic work. It will build its international recognition, foster its social responsibility and develop an environmentally-friendly approach, and will systematically facilitate the inclusion of all its students, teaching and non-teaching staff as participants in all key activities and processes on the University.


Knowledge, expertise, progress, excellence, freedom of speech and thought, tradition

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Dubrovnik is to serve the society by providing education at its undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programmes, via life-long learning, and via scientific, research, artistic and professional work. In doing so, the University will be acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and excellence, which it will continuously foster and provide to the local community and the wider region, and will promote international and inter-university cooperation.

Ways of realising the University’s mission

  • Facilitating teaching and scientific training for teachers and collaborators;
  • Maintaining and upgrading the University’s quality assurance system (HRN EN ISO 9001:2002);
  • Ensuring the transfer of ECTS credits and student and teacher mobility;
  • Fostering an active inclusion of students in the teaching process, governing bodies and research projects and in extracurricular activities; establishment and implementing curricula and study programmes fully aligned with the Bologna Declaration recommendations;
  • Organisation of its units not as a mere copy of the existing universities in the Republic of Croatia; establishment of financial operations that facilitate a full integration of the University;
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of teaching activities based on mutual evaluation of teachers and students;
  • Being receptive to the needs of the economy and society as a whole in designing new curricula and study programmes, which should rest on Dubrovnik’s tradition and culture. Simultaneously, the introduction of new and state-of-the art study programmes, which will help shape new traditions;
  • Openness to international cooperation in order to attract international programmes and foreign students;
  • New inter-disciplinary departments or centres of the University need to work on knowledge transfer by a direct link with the economy, on the development of life-long learning, on fund raising, intellectual property protection and on developing permanent links with its alumni and alumnae.
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