Student Dormitory

DISCOVER the most modern student dormitory in Croatia!

By coming to the University of Dubrovnik, you have chosen to study in a city of culture, arts and sciences, at a modern university resting on a long tradition of higher education.

The Student Dormitory in Dubrovnik is the most modern student dormitory in the Republic of Croatia. Through its design, amenities and location it positions the city of Dubrovnik among the leading Croatian and international university towns.

The Dormitory is situated at the very centre of Dubrovnik, at a walking distance from the Departments of the University of Dubrovnik as well as other higher education institutions in the city of Dubrovnik. Public city transport, main bus station, hospital, the port of Dubrovnik and the Walls of Dubrovnik are all in its vicinity.

The Dormitory offers accommodation for 503 students in 249 double and 5 single rooms. 290 rooms are designated for students from unfavourable socio-economic backgrounds and 5 rooms are designated for students with physical disabilities.

All full-time students studying at higher education institutions in the city of Dubrovnik who are citizens of the Republic of Croatia or of a European Union member state (if the status of a foreigner permanently residing in the Republic of Croatia is confirmed) are eligible for accommodation. The only precondition is that they are not employed, are not owners of small businesses, farmers or foresters and are not self-employed in a liberal profession.

The monthly accommodation fees for students who are entitled to subsidised accommodation based on the respective Call amounts to HRK 850.00 per bed in a double bedroom (utilities are included).

The Dormitory has numerous amenities, which add to the quality of the student life in Dubrovnik, including:

  • Reception desk
  • Double rooms with bathrooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • ‘Obied’ student restaurant
  • Joint facilities for learning and socialising
  • Laundrettes
  • Fitness centre
  • ‘Skatula’ student club
  • ‘Salocha’ multi-purpose hall
  • ‘Academia’ restaurant and coffee bar
  • Student Service office and Accounting office
  • Underground parking

Student Dormitory enables all students in Dubrovnik to have a full studying experience. Dubrovnik is a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage and is, therefore, an ideal destination for studying.

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