Student union

The Student Union of the University of Dubrovnik commenced working when the University of Dubrovnik was first established. Since 1996, as in accordance with the Student Union Act, students in Dubrovnik have been organised in their union.

Student Union President represents all students in Dubrovnik in the Croatian Student Union, the only legitimate representative body of students in the Republic of Croatia.

Representatives of the Student Union actively participate in the work of the University’s Senate and in the Student Centre as well as in passing key decisions to improve the student standard. By participating in the Croatian Student Union, the representatives of the Student Union also participate in the drafting and amending of the acts of the Ministry of Science and Education, which are important for all students.

In short, the Student Union is the only legal and legitimate body representing the interests of the entire student population at all levels.


Student Ombudsman of the University of Dubrovnik

Amar Omerčahić, +385 99 690 3356

The work of the Student Ombudsman of the University of Dubrovnik is based on the principles of independence, equality and confidentiality.

Student Ombudsman:

  • Receives student complaints relating to their rights and discusses them with the respective University bodies;
  • Counsels students about the way how they can exercise their rights;
  • May participate in disciplinary procedures against students in order to ensure the protection of their rights;
  • Discusses the topics relating to students’ rights with respective bodies of the University;
  • Does other work that is important for students’ rights.
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