Erasmus+ DigEntArt project meeting in Marseille

The partners of the Erasmus+ DigEntArt project met in Marseille from May 28th till May 29th for the first in-person meeting of the project. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the next steps and exchange initial ideas and opinions on the contents and priority initiatives to be undertaken. The main results of the research conducted by Demetra, with the collaboration of all partners, aimed at analyzing needs and requirements in the cultural and creative sector were illustrated.

Thanks to interviews with stakeholders, experts and companies in the sector, a very varied and interesting picture of the cultural and creative sector emerged. Digital art is transforming thanks to new digital technologies and the impact of virtual reality, 3D models, artificial intelligence will be very strong in this sector. The meeting was an opportunity to outline a common methodology for the next workshops with stakeholders in the various partner countries of the project and to outline the methodologies and contents of the training courses that will be developed in the coming months in Italy, France and Croatia. During the meeting, the dissemination plan and the first digital communication tools were presented: the website and the social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. Now digital media is operational and there are already contributions and projects from students, experts, artists and start-ups in the creative artistic sector. The site will also be a sort of open and dynamic laboratory to develop the teaching toolbox with the pedagogical and training materials provided by the project.

Digent art is an Erasmus project whose led partner is Demetra Formazione, a professional training center active in Emilia Romagna, the State Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, INSEAMM the Institute for design and the arts of Marseille and the Department of Art and restoration of the University of Dubrovnik.

This is the site address for further information, contacts, and sending materials and

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