For Participants

Lectures:  30 hours

Assessment (optional): presentation


After completing all requirements participants of Summer School will receive Certificates of completion of Summer school.

Participants who will attend specific lectures (less than 5 day) can get the Summer School Attendance Certificate for specific programme.

Institutionally recognised Lifelong Learning Certificate of completion

Professional certification and lifelong learning are the pillars of the tax profession and help ensure that educated, experienced, and skilled professionals are working in all sectors of the economy.

Croatian Chamber of Tax Advisors will recognise the Certificates in accordance with the Ordinance on the professional improvements of tax advisors.

Tax advisors, tax administrations, lawyers and other tax practitioner will get Certificates, that they can use as the evidence of attendance and qualifications acquired at Summer School.

If you wish to receive Specification with the Certificate for Summer School we are on your disposal to set agreement and to define all necessary prerequisites for their acquisition between the Summer School and you Institution in advance.

Typical credit for undergraduates and postgraduates students:

Students can generally receive 3 or 4 ECTS depending on whether they have a presentation or not:

  • 3 ECTS (without presentation 5 days)
  • 4 ECTS (presentation)

If you wish to receive credit for Summer School Trends in International Taxation you will need to check either with your Study Abroad Office or the office in your university that deals with external credit.


The Summer School Administration Office is on disposal to provide any necessary information to your institution, to help them evaluate the courses.

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