UNIDU participates in the ‘European Universities’ initiative

The University of Dubrovnik is participating in the application for the European Commission’s initiative called European Universities (Partnerships for Excellence – European Universities – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-EUR-UNIV). The University of Dubrovnik is part of the alliance called “EUNICoast: European University of Islands, Ports & Coastal Territories” together with 12 other higher education institutions under the leadership of the University of Le Havre Normandie (France).

The aim of these alliances of higher education institutions from across Europe is to collaborate on joint programmes in the fields of education, research and innovation for the benefit of students, teachers and society. Some alliances are general and encompass all disciplines, while others focus on specific areas and themes.

The alliance in which the University of Dubrovnik participates will address the complex and diverse challenges facing our islands, coasts and ports through research aimed at promoting a sustainable and resilient blue economy. European coastal and island universities participating in the Alliance together with the University of Dubrovnik are (in alphabetical order): Åland University of Applied Sciences (Finland); Burgas Free University (Bulgaria); Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany); EMUNI University (Slovenia); University of the Azores (Portugal); University of the Balearic Islands (Spain); University of Dubrovnik (Croatia); University of Patras (Greece); University of Sassari (Italy); University of the Faroe Islands (Faroe Islands); University of French West Indies (France); University of Le Havre Normandie (France) and West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin (Poland).

The mission of the EUNICoast Alliance is to introduce new generations of European and global students and citizens to the use of sustainable solutions for the development of society, to promote a multicultural, multilingual and inclusive European academic environment open to the world, and to develop our capacity to better respond to the social and environmental challenges facing islands and coastal communities.

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